Wisp600x600A Wisp of Beauty

Beauty is often fleeting and subjective, there is no “one way” to approach beauty. This concert explores three very different approaches. Eric Whitacre writes music that is lush, sensuous, and immediately gratifying. The beauty of his rich harmonies have made him one of the most performed composers of our time. Arvo Pärt is known for the spare, timeless, spirituality of his music. His music borders on silence; it is calm, transporting and immensely beautiful. Almost from the beginning, “classical” composers have woven folksongs into their music, creating art music that also makes a more direct appeal to tradition and simplicity. Alternately lively and languid, we will explore folk-based music from Latvia and Lithuania including music by Vaclovas Augustinas, Anojpusej Dunojelio, and Ēriks Ešenvalds. Finally, Jodi French has written a wonderful piece based on Japanese-inspired melodies and Buddhist poetry calling for love, peace, and service. “A time for all things” was commissioned for Drs. Roy and Barbara Saigo and is presented here in a newly revised and expanded version for choir, saxophone, and marimba.

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