Repertory Singers – 31 Years Young!

I am thrilled to welcome you to Repertory Singers’ 31st season,  a season in which the music is nothing less than stunning.  We are living in the golden age of choral music.  Never before, even in the glory of the Renaissance, have so many talented composers been writing such artistic, uplifting, big-hearted, life-enhancing music; you are in for a real treat.  Combine these transporting new works with the greatest music from the Renaissance forward, with high-end artistic complexity and with  the immediacy and direct appeal of American, European, Japanese, and Baltic folk music, and you begin to see the musical and emotional range this season offers. While each concert is varied and balanced in its own right, a constant thread in all our concerts is a focus on beauty.  Whether we are singing Duruflé’s lush Requiem with orchestra or a Latvian folk song, the common goal is beauty, by which I mean a music that uplifts and refreshes. In an age in which the bottom line and the utilitarian are seemingly in the ascendancy, we hope to offer the balancing alternatives of beauty and pleasure.  We hope our music brings you a full measure of both.  Thank you for your support.

Dr. Paul French – Music Director