Repertory Singers Staff & Board


Dr. Paul French, Music Director
Richard Seidman, Executive Director
Jodi French, Pianist/Composer in Residence
Laurie Anne Hunter, Musical Outreach Director
Luna Bitzer, Choir Manager
Sherril Wood, Ticket Manager
Bill Wood, Box Office Assistant
Ed Wight, Musicologist and Lecturer
Tom Walker, Music Librarian
Jim Akins, House Manager
Angela McMahon, Stage Manager
Rebecca Pinnock, Wardrobe Manager

Board of Directors

Phyllis Fernlund, President
Nicholas Bate, Vice President
Cheri Elson, Secretary
Mark McKechnie, Treasurer
Luna Bitzer
Lola Egan
Mindy Ferris
Susan Franks
Dennis Read
Morgan Silbaugh
Adam Sperber
Don Stone
Brian Tingle

Advisory Members
Stephen Clinton
Nancy Lynn
Meiwen Richards
Geoffrey Riley

Richard Seidman, Executive Director

Phyllis Fernlund, President