What People Are Saying

“Repertory Singers’ Ancient Voices concert was one of the most beautiful and inspiring concerts I have seen in a long time. Beautifully sung, beautifully directed, and the choice of composers, especially MacMillan and Tallis, was splendid. I have never heard anything in person like the motet for 40 voices! What a great experience!”
Scott Calamar, AshlandLiveMusic.com and music editor for Sneak Preview

Audience Feedback after “A Wisp of Beauty” concert in February 2017
Question: Please describe how you were enriched today attending this concert by Repertory Singers.


  • I was edified by Mr. Wight’s pre-concert lecture; soul-cleansed by the beauty of the pieces performed; impressed with the high quality and technical competence of the singers; charmed and delighted by the musicology and warmth of Dr. French; and enjoyed Mrs. French’s performance. Really enjoyed it all.
  • The heart and soul was expressed so well.
  • Beautiful music by a gifted group of musicians. We are so lucky to have Rep Singers.
  • My heart soared. I was deeply moved.
  • I wept in a few numbers. Great variety and choices.
  • I love being exposed to different musicians and cultures, the mix of instruments (unusual), voices in chorus and solo – always an adventure.
  • The variety of the concerts is always fascinating. What Paul has the singers do with voices is amazing.
  • Wonderful impressive music – beautifully done.
  • Peace.
  • Renewed my appreciation for choir concerts.
  • Hopeful – uplifting in spirit.
  • Beautiful voices – like none other.
  • The beauty, selection and variety of extraordinary music inspires and consoles me. I teach elementary music. Paul French and SORS supports me in a way that I find essential.
  • This is the best choral group in the valley. They feed my soul. Love the variety of music – always wonderful.
  • I love the variety, novelty of the selections, Paul’s enlightening remarks and buoyant personality, and Jodi’s original composition.
  • Always lovely harmonic work by Rep Singers plus interesting new material and often delightful instrumental accompaniment.
  • Always lifts my spirits. I feel so lucky we have such quality.
  • I enjoyed the exposure to modern music. Very different and beautiful.
  • Beautiful.
  • So inspired by the beauty presented. Incredible talent.
  • Beautiful harmonies, uplifting themes, surprising new composers, contemplation and delight.
  • My heart fills up with joy! Many thanks.
  • I’m awed by the magnificence of the Repertory Singers.
  • Glorious selection. Heart filling and inspiring, centering and filled with love.
  • The selections were so varied and unusual. I really enjoy Dr. French’s intros as well as watching and listening to the group as a whole.
  • An uplifting experience of beauty!
  • It has opened doors to the world and to our mind. We are thrilled by the highest levels of musicianship throughout.
  • It opened our hearts to different beautiful music. Stirs the soul.
  • Every time I go to the show, I always leave happy.