What People Are Saying

“I delayed writing, hoping to find the right words, but have decided that there are none. Glorious. Transcendent. Uplifting. None are adequate to express the impact Sunday’s performance had on me, an impact that is ongoing. Thank you is also inadequate, but I must say it with all my heart. THANK YOU!” – A long-time patron

“The evening was a diverse and stimulating showcase that cut a wide swath through various periods and styles. It has certainly whet our appetite for what Dr. French and the Southern Oregon Repertory Singers will have for us next. In the meantime, Rogue Valley music connoisseurs can rest assured that their favorite choral group remains at the top of their game.” – Jeffrey Gillespie, Ashland Daily Tidings

“Repertory Singers’ Ancient Voices concert was one of the most beautiful and inspiring concerts I have seen in a long time. Beautifully sung, beautifully directed, and the choice of composers, especially MacMillan and Tallis, was splendid. I have never heard anything in person like the motet for 40 voices! What a great experience!” –
Scott Calamar, AshlandLiveMusic.com and music editor for Sneak Preview

Audience Feedback after “A Wisp of Beauty” concert in February 2017

  • I was edified by Mr. Wight’s pre-concert lecture; soul-cleansed by the beauty of the pieces performed; impressed with the high quality and technical competence of the singers; charmed and delighted by the musicology and warmth of Dr. French; and enjoyed Mrs. French’s performance. Really enjoyed it all.
  • Beautiful music by a gifted group of musicians. We are so lucky to have Rep Singers.
  • My heart soared. I was deeply moved.
  • I wept in a few numbers. Great variety and choices.
  • I love being exposed to different musicians and cultures, the mix of instruments (unusual), voices in chorus and solo – always an adventure.
  • The variety of the concerts is always fascinating. What Paul has the singers do with voices is amazing.
  • This is the best choral group in the valley. They feed my soul. Love the variety of music – always wonderful.
  • I love the variety, novelty of the selections, Paul’s enlightening remarks and buoyant personality, and Jodi’s original composition.
  • Glorious selection. Heart filling and inspiring, centering and filled with love.
  • It has opened doors to the world and to our mind. We are thrilled by the highest levels of musicianship throughout.
  • It opened our hearts to different beautiful music. Stirs the soul.
  • Every time I go to the show, I always leave happy.